Internationalization Assessment


If your score is above 80, (answered YES from 19 to 24 questions), Congratulations! You already have practically everything that is required to carry out a successful internationalization process or at least you already have all the bases. Most likely, you are now ready to start promoting your product / service / company in international markets.

If your score is between 60 and 79, (answered YES to 14 to 18 questions), there are areas that you still must work on before starting international promotion. It is recommended that you meet with experts in International Business, Strategic Planning and Marketing, public and/or private to finish your preparation process.

If your score is less than 60, (you answered YES to less than 14 questions), although you may have a good idea of what you need to start the internationalization of your company, you still need to work in several areas so that your company is well prepared to start this process.

Note: Although this assessment can give you a good idea of how prepared your business is, it is not until you start the process that we can determine exactly what you need to do.

If you want one of our experts to do a personalized review of your survey and provide you with a complimentary one-page action plan, where we can give you comments and suggestions, please send us your information so we can send it to you:

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