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Generation of Business Opportunities

When a company is preparing to enter a new market or one in which it lacks significant experience, it is highly recommended to initiate a Business Opportunity Generation project. As the name suggests, this project aims to create tangible business opportunities for the company within the target market.

90% of the projects we work on start with this activity

This is done when a company is ready to start an internationalization process, which means that they already have the following:

  • Long-term vision
  • Proactive attitude, not reactive.
  • Full management support
  • Promotional material in the target market language, professionally translated, where applicable. Download here our One-Page Guide on Promotional Material for Internationalization
  • An Export Price List with EXW and FOB Port of Departure INCOTERMS as a minimum. If CIF prices can be included, much better and we can go one step further. Download here our Export Price List Guide
  • A person responsible for the project for whom this represents the highest priority.
  • Preferably, have the HS tariff codes of your products well identified, when applicable, and/or industrial codes related to your activities.

In the USA and Canada, the SIC or NAICS codes are widely used. If this information is not available, but we can help you obtain it, although it is possible that if the tariff classification is very complex, we may require the support of a specialist in tariff classification.