Our Clients

IBF’s clients are companies and organizations, that generally:


a highly competitive product or service.


the importance of International Business Development in their organization.


a clear definition of goals with a long-term business vision.


working with suppliers or partners that can add value to their operation.


an experienced agent for the correct administration of their internationalization business project.

Let us internationalize your Company

Are you looking to sell your products and/or services to other countries? or maybe, you need to find products, supplies and/or materials abroad? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Please take a minute to complete our quiz so we can help you to assess how ready you are to do business worldwide.

Do you need expert advice on how to start?

Click on the link below and get closer to your Internationalization goals. In this session, our focus will be analyzing your current situation and where to go from there. We will offer options so you can decide the steps to take, considering your current situation and your organization's needs.

Strategic planning: achieve your internationalization goals

In economics, internationalization is the process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets, for example, by selling your products and/or services and/or buying products and services in countries different than your own.

In order to realize this goal you need to have a strategic plan, a map road that will guide your process, every step of the way, resulting on a positive and successful experience.

Some of our satisfied clients are:

Intercambi Inc.
4711 Yonge St. 10th Floor
Toronto, ON. M2N 6K8 Canada
Tel: +1-416-218-8371

Whatsapp: +1-416-801-7842

IBF Intercambi Inc.
27015 Downing Park Blvd
Katy, TX. 77494 USA
Tel: +1-713-370-3870