Promo material you need for Internationalization Projects

It is very important to stress that these documents will be the company's cover letter and the first visual impression that potential clients will have. In short, these documents can make or break a first approach with a potential customer. DO NOT UNDERSTIMATE THEIR IMPORTANCE

Website: professional, efficient, well designed and with a version in the target market language. It should mainly explain what type of clients it helps and what are the solutions (products or services) offered to these clients.

As support information, it should also be explained:

  • Who the company is
  • What it does
  • What are its capabilities
  • Its track record: who are its current clients and / or success stories.

Corporate Profile: it is a document that should be very similar to the website, but in digital format, which can be easily sent by email or chat.

Catalogs and/or technical sheets of its products.

Any additional marketing information that can help explain to the customer why they should start a business conversation with your company. Some examples:

  • Awards
  • Recognitions
  • Certifications

It is very important that all these materials are prepared with the help of professionals such as translators, communicators, and graphic designers and that they are as light as possible, so that they can be sent without problems. In general, they should not exceed a size of 10 MB and preferably be less than 5 MB.

If you need support to prepare this material, please let us know and we will be glad to help!

NOTE: In Canada, for the province of Quebec, it is highly recommended to have all promotional material in French.