Export Price List Guide

The list should address points such as:


For the United States, it is very important to quote in USD. Many American companies do not like receiving quotes in euros or other currencies. For Canada it is optional, but it is always easier for the buyers to get a price list in their own currency.

Volume Discounts

this is another question that always arise in a negotiation. You basically need to let them know what price breaks they can get if they buy higher volumes.


these are International Trade terms defined by the International Chamber of Commerce, which define responsibilities for buyers and sellers. You can find more detailed information here.

Payment terms:

For North America is very common to use Net 30 or Net 60 payment terms, so you must be prepared.


for how long are these prices effective?

NOTE: for the US, it is important to use the Imperial System, as Metric is not well known.

Addressing all these points correctly in your Export Price List will certainly facilitate decision-making, which will help you to shorten your sales cycle.

If you need help in preparing this list, please let us know!